9. EREF EE-800 FM receiver/scanner

This FM-scanner was hard to find information on. After some research on the internet and a call to the former owner of the company that sold this scanner (Eref Electronics), I found out that is was sold between 1967 and some year into the 1970-ties. Eref Electronics was based in Sweden and they imported the scanner from Japan.
The EE-800 cover two VHF-bands, 74-80 MHz and 164-172 MHz, and the channels are decided by the use of 8 crystals. In USA this type of FM-scanner was sold in a similar version named Kalimar US-800. And that model cover both VHF and UHF, 154-166 MHz and 452-468 MHz.

When I got hold of this scanner the speaker was silent, and an aluminium top on one of the pushbuttons was missing. On DX-radio.se I could find a suitable new speaker, but the aluminium top on the pushbutton I think I have to make a copy of.

The scanner is powered by 220V AC, or external 13.8 V DC, via a connector on the backside. This is a special spacesaving connector, but dangerous!! The AC 220 V pin is pretty close to the DC pin and should it come to be shorted it would be devastating to the equipment and perhaps even to the health of the user.

Here You can see the manual and schematics for the EE-800 and the original schematics for the
US-800. I could not find it on the internet earlier, so it might be of some help to the one that needs it.