3. Comax Telereader CD670

Comax Telereader decode radio communications with CW (morse) or RTTY
(BAUDOT, AMTOR/SITOR, ARQ/FEC) to the LCD-display in two rowes with 40 letters.

There are inputs/outputs for CW-key and audio-frequency. And there are specific outputs for a monitor (TV/RGB) and a printer with Centronics interface.  It is powered by an external DC 12 Volt battery supply or a main unit (700 mA). The dimensions are 260*75*185 mm/10.2*3*7.3 inches and it weights
1.5 kg/3.304 lbs.

Reference: https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/telereader_cd_670_cd670.html

Now this receiver has been sold (november 2017) to a radioamateur living on the nothern side of the lake Mälaren, 100 km west of Stockholm.