23. Other collector items

On this page I will show other items that I have collected during more than four decades.

First out on the scene is this radio from 1956. I got it as a gift from a close friend.
This radio has been displayed in our house as a big beatiful receiver, with excellent design.
It was manufactured in the Luxor factory in Motala, Sweden, and it weights 19,3 kg (42.5 lbs).
And the physical measures are 646 mm wide, 417 mm high and 305 mm deep (25.4”, 16.4”, 12”).
The 3098W is one of the Luxor top models and is equipt with 4 internal speakers leaving 7 W.
And it receives on 4 main bands (LW 2000-690m, SW, AM 572-190 m and VHF FM 86-108 MHz).
The reception on shortwave is divided into 3 separate bands (217-63,5 m ; 63,5-21,4 m and 21,6-11,3 m).
It is a super-heterodyne receiver with IF 462 kHz for LW/SW/AM bands and 10.7 MHz for VHF FM band.

Here is the schematics for this receiver.      And the list over valves used in this receiver




As a special technical refinement there is a ferrit rod antenna for MW, that is turnable via the right inner knob (se the last photo in the upper gallery beneath). Therebye making it possible to lock out atmospheric noice or stations interfering with the wanted station. On the end of the turn of the ferrit rod antenna, an outer antenna is connected. The receiver have also two separate thin wide knobs, that via small windows show bass and treble settings. And of course there is a magic eye, showing when You get the optimal setting for the received signal.

The pricetag 1956 for this receiver was high, 850 SEK, in todays (2018) value ca 11.550 SEK.



This paper tape puncher/reader was manufactured 1971 at the Facit Åtvidaberg factory in Sweden.
The 4070 was used all over the world as a program/data memory equipment.

The physical dimensions (W*D*H) are 220*432*198 mm (8.6*17*7.8 inches)
and the weight is 13,7 kg (30.2 lbs). And here is the link to the servicemanual: