21. TRIO 9R-4J

The TRIO 9R-4J was produced i Japan between 1959-1963 at the Komagane factory. The Kasuga Radio Industry Corporation was the origin to TRIO Electronic Incorporated. Later the company changed the name to Trio-Kenwood Electronic Incorporated.

This model of receiver was sold worldwide as TRIO 9R-4J, in Europe as Jennen 9R-4J and Otra 9R-4J, in USA as Lafayette HE-10 and as kit KT-200. The receiver covers 4 HF bands: A-band 550-1600 kHz, B-band 1.6-4.8 mHz, C-band 4.8-14.5 mHz, and D-band 10.5-30 mHz. It is built with 9 tubes and has two intermidiate transformers at 455 kHz. The physical dimensions are 395 x 215 x 290 mm /(15.6 x 8.5 x 11.4 inch). And the weigt is 8,92 kg /(19.67 lb).

Six of the tubes had low values and was replaced with NOS tubes. The pilotlamp (originally 8 V) was gone. As this is hard to get, I replaced it with a LED-lamp .


Now this receiver has been sold (april 2019) to a radioamateur in Trollhättan on the westcoast of Sweden.
He will try to get his grandchild to get interested of shortwave with this receiver.