11. Hallicrafters S-40

The Hallicrafters S-40, produced in USA 1946 to 1949, is a single conversion superheterodyne general coverage short-wave receiver using 9 tubes. It´s driven from 117 VAC or 6 VDC and a B+ battery or vibrapack. In four bands the coverage is 0.54 – 1.7 MHz, 1.7 – 5.35 MHz, 5.35 – 15.7 MHz, 15.7 – 43 MHz and the IF frequency is 455 kHz. It weights 12.7 kg (28 lbs) and the dimensions are 470*229*279 mm (18.5*9*11 inches). The price in 1946 was 79.5 dollars, in todays value (2017) ca 1587 dollars

The S-40 found in the collection was looking nice, the cabinet had very few scratches. And the inside was free from corrosion with intact round tuning and bandspread dials. But the knob on the pitch control was missing. Of course it was dusty, but the guy who saw this item and bought it, did not want me to clean the receiver. He has restored several vintage receivers and such work he wanted to do himself! And the missing knob he thoughed layed around somewhere.

Several articles are found on the internet regarding restoration and rebuilding, see the references.


Now this receiver has been sold (april 2017) to a radioamateur in a small town 60 km south of Linköping in southern Sweden. He is very skilled in restoring vintage receivers and eager to begin working on this item.