1. Century 21 – Seiki Electronics Inc.

This receiver was made in Japan by Seiki Electronics Incorporated. Components inside are dated to march and april in 1976. The construction of the receiver is very similar to Drake SSR-1 and almost as technical function identical to the Standard C-6500. This receiver was also sold as LOWE SRX-30. It can be powered by eight external UM-1 cells, 12 VDC from a car battery or using 220 VAC from the mains. The physical dimensions, including tuning wheel, are 333 x 152 x 273 mm / 13.1 x 6 x 10.7 inch and it weights
5,4 kg / 11.9 lbs.

The receiver covers from 500 kHz to 30 MHz as a dual superheterodyn on AM and USB/LSB. Operating this set is a bit tricky, because it is based on the Wadley loop technique. At first the RF gain is to be set to maxium (later it can be reduced). Then selection of one of the MHz segments is made by the knob for
MHZ – TUNE. After that the exact frequency is tuned to by using the main tuning wheel and the circular dial. In the end the PRE-SELECTOR knob is used for maximal signal strength.

The two pilotlamps on my item was burned. So I replaced them with LEDs and serial resistors of
3,9 kohms, putting the current down to 15 mA each. The original holder for the pilotlamps was dry and brittle, so they had to be replaced with a homemade holder (see the last photo above). And there is no serialnumber to be found!?

In the evening there were a bunch of stations to be heard, just using the telescopic antenna!

Now this receiver has been sold (february 2018) to a well known DX-er and radioamateur in a small town just 10 km southeast of Gothenburg.