27. About me

Sven-Åke Heinemo, born 1948 in a town named Enköping, 80 km west of Stockholm.
Trough my fathers work at the regiment in the town, I early got in contact with electronics.
A colleague of my father gave me my first transistor (OC70) to experiment with.
As a soda/beer deliveryman, I was able to buy or “trade” vintage radios from rural farmers.
The interest for electronics, radio and also HiFi got hold of me. But only as a hobby.
At the university of Uppsala I got an exam in quarternary geology, limnology and hydrology.
That led to a career working with municipal and industrial environmental issues.
From 1993 the work was dominated with ecological threats and remediation of brown fields.
The family settled in the middle of Sweden, in Härnösand, 420 km north of Stockholm.
Here we have the Bottnian Sea and the mountains of the High Coast.

From 12 of june 2020 we will move to a flat close to the centre of Härnösand.
This will lead to some changes in my activities concerning radio.
Hopefully it will not be the end of it, but a new challenge!

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