16. Lafayette HA-520

This FM communication receiver was manufactured between 1965-1967 in Japan, for the American company Lafayette. Inside the receiver You can find Trio components and the tubes are made in Japan (Matsushita). It is a superheterodyne equipt with 10 tubes (including a nuvistor 6CW4!) and has two bands, 30-50 Mhz and 152-174 Mhz. The dimensions are 305 x 127 x 203 mm / 12 x 5 x 8 inch and it wieghts 5,4 kg / 11,9 lbs. It´s powered by 120 VAC , so here in Sweden we have to use a step-down transformer to get ca 115V from the 230V-line.



This receiver is now sold (november 2019) to a collector living in Ronneby, ca 80 km southwest of  the island of Öland. He also bought the Lafayette HA-55A.