4. Communication receivers to rescue

Sometimes it happens that the fortune is on my side! During the spring of 2016 the phone rang and an old fellow ask me if I would be interested in a collection of communication receivers? It was a flat that had to be emptied, and the alternative for all the receviers was a dumpster! Of course the dumpster had to be avoided, but it was 24 receivers and 11 other items!! We loaded 12 boxes, but 4 receivers weighted over 36 kilogrammes each so they had to be carried the two of us together into my garage.

The collection will be shown on seperate pages. This includes a Century-21, an odd receiver that uses the Wadley loop principle (see separate page). Other receivers and items are Collins R-392 (see separate page), Comax Telereader CD670 (see separate page), Drake R-7 (see separate page), Drake R-4C, Drake RR-1 (see separate page), Drake MSR-2 (see separate page), Drake SPR-4 and Drake speakers (MS-4 and MS-7, see separate pages). The MSR-2 has been cleaned from stains of color! It now looks almost like new. Electro Voice RME DB23 Preselector is an old one from 1955 and sure needs a lot of work. The scanner EREF EE-800 has been a hard one the get information on, but it sure is functional and now only need an aluminium top on a pushbutton (see separate page). Hammarlund SP-600 is a heavy one that needed some hours of cleaning (see separate page). Hallicrafters S-40 looked allright on the outside, and now (may 2017) it has been restored by the new owner (see separate page). Icom IC-R70 is a dashing jewelry in the collection (see separate page). Then there is the Kenwood QR-666, a rare and useful transitional model from the Trio 9R-59DS (valve receiver) to full solid state electronics. The QR-666 has been cleaned and tested with only some burned lightbulbs to be fixed (see separate page). An astonishing receiver, and what I call a “Golden Egg”, the Kenwood R-5000 is now restored (see separate page). The Kenwood R-600 is a nice receiver with good reputation suitable for DX-ing. And there are two Lafayettes, Aircraft reciever HA-55A and the FM receiver HA-520 (see separate pages). Of them I know very little, so it will be a “net-work” to find information. After a while I looked down under the boxes and found a Marconi Communication Receiver 100/8 Mod. Z.A. (see separate page), a Reception Set R208 (see separate page) and one big black RCA AR-88 (see separate page). Radios that gives me a challenge. Then there are three models of Trio, a 9R-4J  (see separate page), one 9R-59D and two 9R-59DS  (see separate page) plus two Trio-speakers SP-5DS, (see separate page). Looks like they all are attractive out there, so I will do my very best too get them into function. The Yaesu FRG-9600 has now been cleaned and tested, and now it is sold to a fellow in Italy (see separate page). Then there’s the Yaesu FRT-7700 antenna tuner that looks in working condition (see separate page).

If You have experience on restoring these type of receivers, or want to give some other comments, please send this to the address:   saheinemo( !a_t! )gmail.com
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