20. Reception Set R208

This receiver was produced by the Brittish Army contractors during the end of the WW2. It has three bands: 10-20 MHz, 20-40 MHz and 40-60 MHz. The purpose of the receiver was to be able to listen to local communications in high frequencies, but also listen to long distance communications in the lower bands. The R208 can be driven both by 6 VDC or AC mains. The IF frequency is 2 MHz. This item is without a cabinet and weights 17,8 kg (39,24 lbs) and the physical dimensions are 533*305*457 mm.

Both the manual and the circuit diagram are to be found on the first reference.


Now this receiver has been sold (may 2018) to a collector in Gothenburg on the westcoast of Sweden.
He will try to get it in working condition for an exhibition this autumn.